Handcrafting custom stocks is one of our specialties. Whether for a shotgun or rifle, we can make you a stock to fit you. Styles and shapes are limited only by the imagination, so if you have a certain style of stock in mind, we can make it happen for you. We can also make pistol grips as well, for semi autos and revolvers. One aspect of the stockmaking process is inlay work if you so choose to have this incorporated into your stock. There are many types of materials to choose from for inlays, so that you can get that desired look you have in mind. The options are almost limitless for inlays, and this is a matter to be discussed upon your initial order.

Woods available for custom stocks are virtually any type of Walnut, (American/Black, English, Claro, Bastonge, Circassion, Turkish), Myrtle and Maple. Any grade is available too, and the higher the grade, with more color and figure, the more the cost of the wood increases. We also offer laminates of just about any color combination imaginable.

If you would like to have a stock made of another type of wood, then contact us to discuss the options and possibilities of using such wood for your stock.

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“There is so much in this world that is bigger than us. For me that is the pursuit of marksmanship and shooting sports. I thrive to keep people going in that by making sure their tools of that discipline are always ready, and striving for the greatest quality of craftsmanship, so that they can perform at their best”