Factory Rifle Accurizations

We will accurize your factory rifle to squeeze every bit of accuracy out of it. This option is not limited to just bolt action rifles, but if it is a rifle that would be a lost hope, we will tell you that.

What we want is consistency across the board with multiple types of ammunition. Accuracy is a judge of that consistency. Many variables play a part in this consistency, mostly the shooter and the ammunition, but the rifle does as well if every component isn’t fitted together correctly, tolerances are not true and tight, and the action and barrel can’t operate freely during firing.

When accurizing, the process depends largely on the rifle and how it currently shoots, which will depend on the course of action I will take to accurize it. To start, I will check to insure the scope is in good working condition and mounted correctly and the rifle is assembled correctly. I will also clean and inspect the barrel’s bore and crown. Then I will perform an initial accuracy test with multiple brands of ammunition. The results from that test will determine what will best serve to make your rifle as accurate as can be.

My standard accuracy package includes truing and blueprinting the action, floating the barrel, bedding the stock, and tuning the trigger. I will also check to make sure the action is tapped for mounts on center.

With most rifles, bedding, floating and a trigger tune is all that is necessary to tighten groups, but isn’t always the case depending on the findings of the test firing and won’t always give you consistency with multiple brands of ammo, only a select few. The complete accurizing package most times solves any accuracy issues from what I have seen.

If complete accurizing work is completed on your rifle and it still will not shoot consistently a barrel change will be required, as I can’t guarantee a factory barrels concentricity. With this I can guarantee ½ MOA from the rifle with match grade ammunition and still costs considerably less than building a new custom rifle.

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