At Aquilla Custom Gun Works, LLC we cover all aspects of the gunsmithing trade. With 15 years of gunsmithing experience, we can handle the majority of your gunsmithing needs. Whether it be a repair or a completely new custom build, or anything in between, we are able and willing to get the job done for you, and done right the first time.

We do all aspects of work in house. From general repair and restoration, to checkering, stockmaking, customizing, accurizing, and building of custom AR-15’s, AR-10’s, M1A’s, Bolt Action Rifles, and 1911’s. We also tune, customize, and accurize the polymer frame guns like Glock, S&W M&P, XD’S,and H&K’s. The majority of the work done in our shop is also done by hand. During our machining processes we strive to keep all machining tolerances within 0.0005″. These are just a few of our services, and we have compiled a list of most services available at our facility.

Note: At ACGW you can build your gun using any available components you desire. We prefer and suggest quality parts from known quality companies, but we also know that not everyone can afford the same costs in regards to parts, so we will do our very best to work within your budget to get your complete satisfaction on your firearm.

Accuracy guarantee : All the new or rebuilt custom firearms come with an accuracy guarantee. We guarantee 0.5” MOA – 5 shot groups, at 100 yards on all rifles we build up to 33 caliber, 1” MOA on all calibers larger than 33.

All AR and M1A platforms we gaurantee 1 MOA or better, 5 shots at 100 yards, but they usually shoot 0.5” to 0.75” MOA accuracy.

Our 1911’s have a 2 inch or better – 10 shot group at 25 yards guarantee.

Aquilla Custom Gun Works LLC

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“There is so much in this world that is bigger than us. For me that is the pursuit of marksmanship and shooting sports. I thrive to keep people going in that by making sure their tools of that discipline are always ready, and striving for the greatest quality of craftsmanship, so that they can perform at their best”