At ACGW we also provide complete refinishing and restoration of all firearms made to date. Please know there is a difference. Simple refinishing is just that, applying a new finish to the gun for protection, while putting the original substrate back to a new condition, but not necessarily following the original factory process or finishes.

In restoration, we will follow the original process by the maker of the firearm being restored, researching the original processes so I can follow them as closely as possible in regards to polishing and finishing methods. This insures the firearm is restored as genuinely as possible and helps to hold its value. Pricing on restoration work is vision and process based. This depends on the current condition of the firearm, whether good, bad, or worst shape of all due to wear and corrosion. Mostly, metal corrosion and deterioration is the biggest factor concerning restoration possibilities. Our guarantee on restoration is that your firearm will look and perform as good or better than when new.

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“There is so much in this world that is bigger than us. For me that is the pursuit of marksmanship and shooting sports. I thrive to keep people going in that by making sure their tools of that discipline are always ready, and striving for the greatest quality of craftsmanship, so that they can perform at their best”